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                -- t. e. lawrence

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Holiday Stories for Children.

What's a good holiday without a story around it?  These three stories got their start a few years ago, when I invented "Fifth Reindeer" as a story told on the spur of the moment to my young son, who was having trouble getting to sleep.  From that beginning, the story grew, and I added various details.  Over the next few years, I added "Toy Home" and "Rudolf" to the list.

Shareware Tales of the Christmas Holiday.

These stories have been enjoyed by many children over the years.

The Fifth Reindeer

This is a story about the origins of Santa's fifth reindeer, Comet.  When Santa loses one of his original team to illness, he seeks far and wide for a replacement.  He discovers a deer of unusual size, tended by a farmer.  When he brings this deer back to his compound, the others don't know what to make of him.  It's up to the new deer to earn his place on the team and to do a great deed so that he will find his voice.  Download The Fifth Reindeer in US or European format (requires the Adobe reader).  Or, if you prefer, read online.

The Toy Home

Based upon a true Christmastime story from several years ago, when the Detroit St. Vincent DePaul charity warehouse burned down, this tale is about the toys who live through the devastating fire.  The central character is a toy bear who endures life on the streets and who prays for the safety of his companion, the rocking horse.  Download The Toy Home in US or European format (requires the Adobe reader).  Or, if you prefer, read online.

The Legend of Rudolf

This is the most ambitious of the shareware children's stories.  Set earlier in time than The Fifth Reindeer, this tale will cause you to completely rethink your notion of the Rudolf legend, from the very name (the jingle refers to "Rudolph") to the struggles this deer must face following the loss of his mother in a tragic accident, his discovery by Santa, and his stubborn bravery and purpose as he learns to fly.  A gripping and uncompromising story that reshapes this deer into a legend.  Download The Legend of Rudolf in US or European format (requires the Adobe reader).  Or, if you prefer, read online.

Longer Fiction

The Miracle Fountain

This short novel explores the theme of how miracles can occur in under our very noses.  Told alternately from the points of view of a mouse family living in the shadows of an old church and of the aging parish priest who struggles to keep the Archdiocese from closing down the parish, "Miracle" describes how four brave mouse children ("mouselets") -- Perly, Basso, Weedle and Squeaker -- led by their priest, Father Trillium, embark on a dangerous journey to old St. Stephen's Church, there to obtain the magic bread (eucharist) they hope will restore Perly and Basso's injured brother Seedwings to health.  With plenty of action to keep you turning pages, "Miracle" will also cause you to reflect on what it means to participate in a true miracle.  

Read an excerpt from "Miracle".  If that whets your appetite, you may purchase a full print copy of the book.  And thanks for supporting my work!