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                -- t. e. lawrence

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Santa, CEO:  A Story About Business Gone Wild

Sometimes even legends are consumed by the business they've nurtured.

Why "Santa, CEO"?

Why take the ultimate Christmas legend and turn it into a business romp?  Why a six-thousand-year-old half-elfin, Weltschmertz-ridden magical creature, separated from his wife but wedded to a multinational business?

Simply put, "Santa" was birthed almost by accident.  From an initial quirky notion of a logistical nightmare -- how does he get all those toys to all those kids? -- this story became much more, a tiger with fangs and claws that demanded to be written.  You'll find an ample serving of the business world in here, all right, and not written like so many "business books", with faked characters expounding the latest business craze.  Nope, this is what really goes on, the Dilbertized, Tim-Burtonesque look at a world in which even the spirit of Christmas is made subservient to the almighty dollar, or Euro, or even Santa's own Santean.

How could a CEO once known as the "jolly old elf" ever really be happy running an organization so massive, yet so secret?  With half a million reindeer, thousands of stand-in santas (you don't get a capital "S" unless you're the Chief), and factory and traffic management operations tricky enough to make even the most seasoned ops manager sweat bullets?  And what would happen if, in the midst of all this activity, elves and Board members are hatching plots so nasty they threaten the very fabric of Christmas?

Take a Sneak Peek at the Novel that Keeps People Turning Pages.

Part adventure, part satire, but always told with heart, "Santa" will captivate you and keep you up nights, make you laugh while it makes you think.  But the proof is in the writing, and you wouldn't want to judge the book by its hype.  So sample for yourself.  Visit the "Santa, CEO" website and read the first few chapters.

Buy "Santa".

For the rest of 2005, I'm donating all of my after-tax "Santa" profits to Hurricane Katrina relief.  See the "Santa, CEO" website for details.