dream your dreams
with open eyes
and make
them come true.

                -- t. e. lawrence

    riding with the sun, music and stories by david soubly

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Some Information About Me.

I wonder what 30 seconds of Internet fame looks like.



That was then.

This is now.

What a difference having to earn a living makes.  I live in southeastern Michigan, and I've been writing all kinds of things since I was about 12.  

I've either thrown away the things I've written, or filed them away as the learning things they are.  The best of them are what you see here.  Even so, there are things requiring change in these works and while they may make good stories to share with friends and family, in the larger world of fiction they would find rough going.

Some of you may find them useful as examples of how writing skills can (should?) progress over time.

I hate to be like so many other writers, aspiring or not, but I really do live a pretty nondescript life.  I work too many hours as an IT manager at one of the major automotive manufacturers, like to work out, am married, with one son and an oddball dog.  I'm not putting too much information about them here, because (except for the dog) they prefer their privacy.  Oh, yes, there's a cat, too, who hasn't forgiven us yet for bringing that other beast into the house.  

I haven't tried to publish the shareware fiction pieces, because to be honest the work didn't pass my own muster.  Or, in other cases, a piece felt well-done to me, but suffered from an insufficient market opportunity.  Still, I like everything I'm sharing on this site, or I wouldn't be so bold as to ask you to spend time with these works.  I hope you will enjoy them.

As far as music goes, I've been playing the piano about as long as I've been writing.  I started piano improvisations more than 20 years ago (Gawd, that seems like a long time!).  Only recently, though, have I splurged on myself and equipped my basement with a Roland RD-600 that I hook up to my PC. Improvisational piano is a wonderful way to get rid of the stresses of the professional IT world.   The pieces I'm offering on this site have the occasional jangling note or sense of searching that's inevitable when you try to make the thing up as you go along.  Still, they may be soothing bits to give you some relaxation.

Other than these passions, my life is made up of the usual laundry, leftovers, weird stuff that breaks, bills, things that get eaten by my house, and oddball coincidences and funny stuff that probably make up yours. Drop a line if you want to connect; I'd love to hear from you.