dream your dreams
with open eyes
and make
them come true.

                -- t. e. lawrence

    riding with the sun, music and stories by david soubly

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Recent Poems

When, Against Blue Morning

This poem took a few months to craft.  It attempts to illustrate the confusion of our century, the collision of cultures, and the dark violence of our age with the determination of the humn spirit.  The choice is ours:  whether to give in to the horror, or to continue to instruct our children in the ways of peace.  Here is a clip of the accompanying piano piece, from "The Blessings of Our Days" CD.

The Blessings of Our Days

This has become, for many people, an answer to September 11.  It's a simple, affirming poem, that reminds us of the beauty of life that surrounds us all.  You can listen to a clip of its accompanying piano music, from "The Blessings of Our Days" CD.  Sheet music for the piece is also available.

The Sea Turtle

Sometimes it's hard to say where the inspiration from a poem arises.  In this case, I knew of someone who had a birthday coming up.  As this person was really into turtles, the turtle theme started to weigh on my mind, and from there, a poem about the determination of this amazing creature and all that it can inform us about the ways of nature, motherhood, and strength.  There is also a clip of the accompanying music, from "The Blessings of Our Days" CD.

Clarisse's Book

I wrote this poem as a colleague of mine was making a life change, moving from the hustle and bustle of Detroit and a Ford Motor Company career, to a much calmer, quieter existence in the middle of the state.  It struck me that such life moves turn pages in our life books, and that everyone has such a book, to be handed down to children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or even trusted friends.  I don't know who will receive my life book.  Do you know who will receive yours?


This is an older poem, written after I'd returned from a business trip to Cologne, Germany and experienced (what other word is there for it?) the Cologne Cathedral, among the most massive of churches in the western world.  "Dom" is the German word for cathedral, and the nine stanzas describe different views of the church.  The cathedral has an ancient history.  Evidently, the site has been associated with religious gatherings going back to Roman times, when Cologne was founded in 50 A.D. as "Colonia", or a colony outpost.  The present-day cathedral was begun in the thirteenth century, but its final touches weren't completed until the nineteenth (if even then -- are cathedrals ever finished, one wonders?).

He Was Hardly With Us

This poem deals with the devastation of cancer in a loved one, and it was inspired by a colleague whose brother had passed away from cancer.  Cancer is the "laughing claw", a reference to the grinning look of a raptor, tearing at its prey while the victim is still alive.  The poem's tension comes from the anger and despair the person feels, both with the "laughing claw" cancer and with God.  The poem's end, to me, is ambiguous, a challenge:  "for you would never trick my eyes".  How will this person ever know, except by reaffirming faith?  And is that sufficient in the face of this suffering?  There is an accompanying piano piece on "The Blessings of Our Days" CD.