dream your dreams
with open eyes
and make
them come true.

                -- t. e. lawrence

    riding with the sun, music and stories by david soubly

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Spun Glass (May 2001)

"Spun Glass" was my first attempt at converting my piano improvisations into something that could be shared with people.  Technology had a lot to do with it:  I finally "bit the bullet" and bought myself a Roland RD-600 digital piano.  Now I had something with full-sized, weighted keys, Steinway sampling, and connections that allowed it to be hooked directly to my PC.  At last, I could "stream" music directly into the PC -- no interruptions, no barking dogs, telephones, etc. (Well, none that can be heard in the music, anyway.)

So it's the first in what I hope will be a continuing line of music people can enjoy.  Some people still like this one the best.  And everyone has a different favorite -- something that makes me feel very satisfied, that I can touch people in various ways.  Of the pieces, "How Far Away You Are Today" and "Please Dry My Tears" will soon be available as sheet music.  You may listen to 1-minute clips as well.  And if you're interested in purchasing, I'd be most appreciative!