dream your dreams
with open eyes
and make
them come true.

                -- t. e. lawrence

    riding with the sun, music and stories by david soubly

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Spain (May 2002) 

"Spain" has been a journey.  Some of the pieces on this CD are so difficult for me that I call them my "three diablos".  They are:  "El Camino," "Spain," and "SunRunner."  I built this CD over the course of a few months, inspired by the story of a colleague who had decided to hike the "Camino" pilgrimage trail in northern Spain as a way of confronting and overcoming some difficult personal demons.  All the pieces have to do with this theme of trial and perseverance.

TBut it is "El Camino" that truly captures the spirit of this CD, "El Camino" that daily challenges me to get it right, "El Camino" that after many many hours I've finally committed to sheet music.  I could go on and on about the struggles that went into the making of this CD, including the recognition that one aspect of my personal Camino is that I will never, ever get this music fully right.  But the fun is in the journey.  So take a test spin; several clips are available.  Or challenge yourself to the sheet music (available soon!).  Above all, tell me what you think!